Teaching, Scholarship, and Service:
An Anthology of Faculty Statements

Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library

One of the most important and demanding faculty committee assignments at Gustavus Adolphus College is serving on the Personnel Committee. When I served on the committee some years ago, I was impressed by the scholarship submitted by candidates. I was fascinated by the classes I visited (and reminded of how much I don't know). And I was inspired by the statements, eloquent reflections on what these scholar-teachers do, what they believe, and how their work and their identity as scholars and teachers is tied to the mission of the College. It seemed a shame that they were read by so few.

That's why I asked colleagues who have gone through the process in recent years if they would mind sharing their statements, from which this anthology is drawn.Browsing through these statements will give readers some insight into who these teacher/scholars are, what they do, and how their life's work contributes toward making the college a very special community. I think you will be inspired, just as I was.

Barbara Fister

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