Organizational Structure

Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library

The Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library adopted a collegial management structure in the 1990s. In this model, each member of the library staff participates in decision-making. Librarians and staff/administrators each have a unique area of responsibility. Librarians and staff/administrators have some responsibilities in common. Each individual serves of committees (with membership determined annually) and task forces (formed as needed). Some decisions are made by the entire staff. The department chair, a faculty member elected for a three year term by the department with the approval of the provost, cooridnates the work of the department and carries out the duties of the chair spelled out in the Department Chairs Handbook. Though not to scale, this chart shows how each member of the organization has an area of specialization, shares responsibilites with a group, serves on task forces and committees, and participates in the shared management of the entire library.

For more information, see Embracing the Challenge of Change Through Collegial Decision-Making presented at ACRL in 2005.

organization chart