Gifts - Staff Procedures

Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library


  1. Get donor's name, phone number, address before accepting any items (see gifts form linked below)
  2. Interview. A preliminary interview with the donor might determine:
    • The subject focus of the materials and/or collection; any special features (first, special, or numbered editions, signed copies, etc.)
    • The age of the material
    • Size of the gift, in terms of volumes, or estimate
    • The condition of the material, where they have been stored, etc.
    • Provenance, who (other than the donor) has owned this material before? (Important as part of the evaluation of the collection's history and potential use and disposition)

This information, when recorded, will help the librarians make a decision as to the collection's suitability, and it will also help the Technical Services staff anticipate and plan for any impact accessioning and preparing the collection for use and the effect donation may have on workflow, supplies, etc. (See Technical Services below.)

Advance offers (telephoned, e-mailed, letter)

Urge the donor to fill out the gifts form, requesting a brief entry bibliography or scope note.

(This list can help in determining whether a donation, or any part, should be accepted in the first place. It can also go on file with a copy of the acknowledgement letter and serve as a record as well as a tool for publicity or other uses.)

Technical Services

  1. Workflow
    • Notify the staff ahead of time that a gift is coming and how large it will be. The kind of information noted during the interview or in correspondence would help here.
    • Address prioritization/timing issues. When will the materials have to be made available?
  2. Other
    • Impact on TS budget (large donations):
      Staff time, student time
      Additional shelving
      Supplies (barcodes, covers, special preservation supplies)
      Outsourced processing (binding, deacidification)

updated October 16, 2006