Study Abroad

In order to develop personal experiences with and perspectives on the workings
of gender in Western and non-Western societies, the GWSS Program recommends that students consider off-campus (international or domestic) academic programs. The Office of International and Cultural Education has information on many programs including HECUA, CGE, and SIT that would be particularly interesting to GWSS students. The GWSS Program makes every effort to work with students in selecting courses from these programs that may be applied to the major or minor requirements.

Below you will find a list of GWSS specific programs. Contact your advisor or the director of the Center for International and Cultural Education Director, Roger Adkins, with questions.

  1. Antioch University program: Comparative Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe 

  2. DIS Study Abroad: Copenhagen, Denmark

    1. Gender and Sexuality Studies:
      1. Main program info
      2. Core courses
    2. Prostitution and the Sex Trade:
      1. Main Program info
      2. Core courses
    3. GWSS related elective courses:
      1. Gay and Lesbian Writers in European Cities
      2. Gender and Sexuality in Scandinavia
      3. Gender Perspectives on Human Rights
      4. History of Sexuality in Europe
      5. Masculinities in Scandinavia
      6. Pornography in Scandinavia
      7. Psychology of Human Sexuality
      8. Sociology of the Family
      9. Women and Leadership
      10. Women, Art, Identity
      11. Add-on study tour short course: Barcelona: Gender, Sexuality, Ethnicity (0.25 GAC units) 
  3. DIS Study Abroad: Stockholm, Sweden

    1. Gender and Sexuality Studies
      1. Main program info
      2. Core courses
      3. Elective course: Human Trafficking and the Sex Trade
  4. SIT: International Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality Based in Amsterdam, with a major excursion to Morocco

    1. Main program info
    2. Courses:
      1. Theory and Application of Feminist, Lesbigay, and Queer Studies
      2. Migration, Gender, and Sexuality
      3. Independent Study Project
      4. *There are two other courses, but one is research methods and one is Dutch language.
  5. University of Cape Town, South Africa (Arcadia University program)

    1. Main Program info
    2. Gender studies courses in catalog (go to catalog page 103/PDF page 108)