Moe Lecture

Karin Moe was the only female accounting major in her graduating class at the University of Minnesota. That should have been a signal to everyone that she was special. And though her parents never graduated from high school, she was the kind of person who always loved school. She chose the University of Minnesota “because I could afford it” and graduated with honors. Later, Karin became a Gustavus parent when her daughter Kris became a History major at the college.

Karin and, her husband, Robert Moe believe in the power of focused philanthropy. They direct much of their giving toward liberal arts education, where they feel that individuals and society will reap the greatest benefit from their efforts. Gustavus is fortunate to be among the institutions to receive their major support.

Recently, the Moes made a $1 million commitment to the John S. Kendall Center for Engaged Learning. This leadership gift brings the College closer to its goal to fully endow the center, which is dedicated to advancing active and interdisciplinary learning across the campus. When fully funded, the Moes’ contribution will generate funds to support two main areas: faculty development and student-faculty research.

What really touched Karin’s heart was the Gustavus faculty, in Karin’s words, “[The faculty] genuinely help kids discover what they want to do. The faculty/student relationship—which I believe is the backbone of learning—couldn’t be richer. The faculty are those great individuals who make a difference in the lives of young people, but they need the resources and time to develop their own work. And that’s the reason my husband and I support the Kendall Center. It’s our opportunity to ensure that this tradition remains strong.” And they continue to do so.