Troubleshooting printer errors

Occasionally after printing certain print jobs the printer may display an error. This is usually a symptom of a bad print job. These errors are typically caused by problems in the document you are trying to print. Typical problems include:

  • Document has corrupt or missing fonts
  • Document has corrupt or images
  • Images are large in file size (printer out of memory)
  • Document is too long (printer out of memory)

Below are some steps you can take In troubleshooting your problem print job:

  1. Create a new blank document, write some basic text in it and print it - if it prints you will know it's a problem with the original document you were trying to print.
  2. Try copying and pasting portions of the original document into a new document. Printing at each step. This will help you narrow down the offending portion. The most common cause of bad print jobs are pictures that are large in size or specialized fonts.
  3. Request refunds for your "test prints" from Gustavus Technology Services.