Student Telephone Services

Student Telephone Services

Authorization Codes

Upon admittance to Gustavus, each student may request a personal and confidential, seven digit authorization code for long distance calls placed from campus. A student retains the same authorization code while he/she has an active status, usually four years. The code will work from any student phone. Each student is billed for all calls made with his/her authorization code. Calls made from the student’s residence using his/her authorization code are his/her responsibility. Each student is responsible for the security of his/her authorization code. The authorization code should be kept confidential. A lost authorization code should be reported immediately to the Telecommunications Department. Any student misusing an authorization code will be fined $100.00 and may be subject to further disciplinary action.

Billing and Payment

Your monthly telephone bill can be retrieved on-line around the first of each month. You will be notified through e-mail when it is available for viewing. Access is via URL: To log into this web page, you will enter an Account ID and password. The Account ID is your student number, using the first zero plus 6 digits. The password is your long distance authorization code.

Upon successfully logging into the web page, you will see your CURRENT account information as well as the details of any calls made in the current month. You may examine your recent bill(s) also by clicking on the upper left most button (which will initially show the phrase “Current Period”) and then selecting the appropriate month. Rates are $.10 per minute – all the time.

All bills are due on the 20th of each month and can be paid in person or by using the drop box at the Post Office or at the Telecommunications Office. Comments and questions can be directed through the web page or send e-mail to Becky at or call the office at x7025. We are in the lower level of Olin Hall, Room 027.


Obscene or Harassing Calls

If you receive annoying, obscene, abusive, threatening, or harassing calls, follow these suggestions.

1. Hang up at the first obscene word. Hang up if the caller remains silent the second time you say hello. Remember, YOU control your telephone, not the person calling.

2. Do not give any information, such as your name or address, until the caller has been properly identified.

3. Call Campus Safety at x8888 immediately and report the incident. They will refer the matter to the proper authorities for investigation.

NOTE: Inappropriate Phone and Voice Mail Use. It is a crime under both Minnesota and Federal laws for anyone to make obscene or harassing phone calls. No member of the Gustavus community shall use obscenities in a greeting or a message in the Gustavus voice mail system. Inappropriate use of the telephone system including Gustavus voice mail will result in disciplinary action.


If a phone in a student room is not working, the following procedure could be attempted (with the permission of the owner): Test a nearby phone. If it works, try it in place of the broken one. If neither phone works in the outlet, the problem is probably in the outlet or the phone line feeding it. In this case, notify the Telecommunications Department at extension x7025 or x6261 or e-mail Laura McCabe at If the problem appears to be in the phone equipment, bring the complete phone set with cord to the Telecommunications Department for repair or replacement. If the malfunction is due to abuse, the people responsible for that phone set will be charged for repairs at standard time and material costs. A complete replacement is $40.00.