Rikaichan is a web plugin that allows users to scan over Japanese text and get an instant translation. It works with Mozilla Firefox and is available for free download.


  1. Download the two plugins (#1 is rikaichan_0_5_11.xpi and the first one under #2 is rikaichan-en_1_01.xpi) by right-clicking and choosing save target as.
  2. Open a Firefox browser window.
  3. Drag rikaichan_0_5_11.xpi from the folder you downloaded it to into the open Firefox window.
  4. Wait for the countdown and then click “install.”
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with rikaichan-en_1_01.xpi.
  6. Quit Firefox.
  7. Rikaichan will be ready to use the next time you open Firefox.

Using Rikaichan

There are two ways to use Rikaichan: simple translation and in-depth translation.

Simple translation

You can look up words quickly by going to the Tools menu and choosing Toggle rikaichan. Then when you go to a Japanese website you can simply highlight a word by scrolling your mouse over it and a simple translation will pop up.

In-depth translation

For a more in depth translation go to the Tools menu and choose Look up with rikaichan. A bar will then appear at the top of your web browser in which you can enter Japanese words for translation.

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