Mirror Displays


Windows 8/10

To easily change between mirroring and extending the desktop, use the key combination, (Windows key + P). While holding the Windows key, press the P key until you get the display setting you would like.


Macintosh OSX

If you are connecting your Apple laptop or iMac to a projector here at Gustavus, and you see either of the following images on the projected screen, you will need to go through the following process of mirroring your displays. If you have a different background on your computer, you may see your own background on the other screen without any of the icons.

Mirrormac1.png Mirrormac2.png

Quick Method to Mirror: Use the keyboard shortcut (Command key + F1)

Longer method and more advanced menu:

  • Click on the Apple Menu.
  • Click on System Preferences.


  • Click on the Displays icon.


  • Click on the Arrangements tab.


  • Check the Mirror Displays box.


  • Once you see the following, your screens should be mirrored (duplicated).