Loaner iPad

Scheduling a Loaner iPad

When someone calls or sends in a ticket (by email) requesting a loaner iPad, check the schedule to make sure an iPad is available. The schedule can be found here:


Enter a ticket in Fusion, or update the existing one with the following information:

  • Their Name
  • Their email address
  • Reservation Start Date
  • Reservation End Date (1 week limit)

Once the ticket is in, let a duty person know so that they can add the information to the calendar and send the Fusion Macro for the reservation.

Picking Up a Loaner iPad

iPads are located in the charging station behind Dan Z.'s desk in the first 3 slots. When someone comes in to pick up a loaner iPad, please verify they get the the following information and equipment:

  • iPad
  • Charger - Chargers are stored drawer by front desk.
  • Data - Remind them that we will be erasing the iPad when it is returned.

Bringing Back/Receiving a Loaner iPad

When a loaner iPad is returned, verify that the user has copied or removed any important data. Once you have verified that it is safe to reimage it, return to Dan Z.'s desk. Make sure the iPad, and charger is returned. The chargers are stored in the drawer at the Front Desk.

Dan Z. will restore the iPad.