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A laptop (also notebook) is a personal computer designed for mobile use. It includes most of the features of a desktop computer (i.e. screen, keyboard, mouse or track pad, etc) in one small lightweight unit. It is convenient enough to be used on one's lap, hence the name Laptop.

Choosing a Laptop for College

Most students will buy laptops for college instead of desktops because they are smaller and more convenient for mobile use.

Choosing Between a Mac or a PC

At Gustavus, almost every student has his or her own personal computer. The choice of purchasing a Windows or a Mac is entirely up to the student. Both Windows and Macintosh are fully supported at Gustavus, and each has its own advantages.


Macintosh computers are supported by Gustavus, and GTS should be able to handle any problems one might encounter with a Mac. Though a Mac will be more expensive than a Windows, they are more virus protected, and are designed for certain types of professional use, such as graphic art and visual editing. Macintosh computers are equally compatible as Windows are on the Gustavus Campus, and do not require any anti-virus software.

Variations of Macintosh Laptops
  • Macbook Pro
  • 13 in
  • 15 in
  • 17 in
  • Macbook Air


Windows computers are also supported by Gustavus, and any problems one may encounter with a Windows machine, GTS should be able to fix. Many students find it convenient to buy a Windows computer because they are affordable, and have the right amount of processing power to handle any project or assignment handed out by the college. Another advantage is that almost every type of computer game is written for a Windows machine.

The Gustavus Network only supports Windows 10 which comes equipped with Microsoft Security Essentials.
Variations of Windows laptops (manufacturers)
  • Dell
  • HP
  • ASUS
  • Lenovo
  • Toshiba