GTS golf cart

Technology Services owns an electric golf cart that is used for equipment transportation.

Unlocking the Golf Cart

  1. Obtain a yellow key from the GTS grey box. These keys will unlock the Olin grey box which is located outside of the trash room.
  2. After unlocking the Olin grey box, detach the replacement key from the GTS grey box keys to release an Olin sub-master key. Any key in the Olin grey box can be used to unlock the golf carts.
  3. If winter-like conditions freeze the locks, a heat gun can be obtained from Mike to thaw them. Under no circumstances should a hammer be used to unlock the golf carts.


Following are instructions for the appropriate use of the GTS cart. Please note that the cart is provided for equipment transportation purposes only. Personal use is not allowed.

  1. Obtain the key from slots 15 or 16 in the electronic grey box.
  2. Make sure that the cart is unlocked and unplugged before inserting key, turning on, putting the cart in the appropriate gear (F,N,R) and driving off. Also verify that the toggle switch (located near the shifter) is set to 'ON'
  3. Plug the cart back in and set to charge after each use. Then return the key to the electronic grey box so the next person can use it.
  4. At the end of the day, please plug the cart in to charge the battery overnight. Also return the toggle switch to 'CHARGE'.
  5. If you are the dutyperson, make sure the cart is unlocked at the beginning of the day and locked up at the end of the day.

Please be wary of other co-workers' cart needs. There are also pull carts available if the electric carts are in use.