Energy Settings for Macintosh Users

In attempts to reduce our energy consumption, we are hoping to implement some technological and behavior modifications to accomplish this goal.

Computers and Monitors

All computers and monitors should be shut off at night. Settings for sleep or hibernation should be set at the shortest possible time (recommended 20 minutes).

Verifying Your Energy Settings

OS X Energy Saver System Preferences
  1. Open the System Preferences (Under the Apple Menu).
  2. Select the Energy Saver System Preference.
  3. Verify or adjust your settings.

Why does my fan always run and why does my battery drain?

Take a look at what's open in the dock. You can tell that a program is open and not just a shortcut by looking for a black triangle under the icon. Close unnecessary programs because they sometimes launch at the startup. Also, make sure you're not running anything like BOINC, or a Setiathome manager, since those can take 100% of your processor speed without you even knowing it.