Dual-Boot Workstation Instructions

Dual-Boot Workstation Instructions are for any of the dual-boot public computers on campus. The computer installed at those stations is capable of running both Mac OS X and Windows XP operating systems. By following the instructions below, you can select the operating system you prefer to use.

  1. Turn the computer on by pushing the small on/off button on the back of the computer. MacMiniPowerButton.png
  2. A screen will appear with two icons; one representing the Macintosh operating system and one representing the Windows operating system. Select the platform you prefer to use with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Then press the return key on the keyboard.
  3. If you choose Mac OS X, the computer will automatically boot into the Macintosh operating system. If you choose Windows XP, the computer will automatically boot into the Windows operating system.
  4. Proceed to use the computer.
  5. When finished, please log out or restart the computer.

Note: If the system is already logged in and you wish to switch platforms, simply log out or restart the computer. You will then be taken to the screen where you can choose the Macintosh or Windows operating system.