Classroom checks


  1. Bring a laptop and a classroom kit. Make sure the classroom kit is fully stocked.
  2. Bring a greybox key.
  3. Report any issues by creating a new ticket assigning it to unassigned.
  4. Inspect white board and make sure it is in good shape.
  5. Make sure the VGA cable, and any other cables coming from the wall are untangled and undamaged.
  6. When you are done with testing, make sure the cables are neatly coiled.

Extron Classroom without Podium

Extron controller on the wall with VGA and RCA cable outlets underneath the controller. Also has EasyMP without sound capabilities.


  1. Change to Laptop on Extron panel to test the VGA video and audio. Plug the VGA cable into the laptop using the VGA to mini displayport adapter that is attached to the VGA cable. Plug the audio cable into the headphone jack of the laptop.
  2. Make sure the image is clear and level. The shape of the image may be distorted due to the white board not being level in this room. Make sure all the colors are correct. If they are off there may be a bent pin on the cable or the plug is not all the way plugged into the wall or the laptop.
  3. Test the sound. You may have to change the audio output on your laptop. The volume can be adjusted with the volume keys on your laptop or using the Extron panel volume knob. Make sure audio is coming out of both speakers.


  1. Change to EasyMP on the Extron and unplug all cables to laptop. Report any projector that has a random projector name or doesn't show up.
  2. Open the EasyMP program on your laptop. Run automatic search in the program and connect to the proper projector on the list.
  3. Make sure the image is clear and level. The white boards in some rooms are not flat, so it is impossible to get a completely level image.
  4. EasyMP sound is not supported on the projector in this room.