Christmas in Christ Chapel

Christmas in Christ Chapel is an annual Christmas event in Christ Chapel. This musical program is put on by the Gustavus music ensembles and attracts thousands of visitors annually.

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The Live Stream will begin broadcasting at 7:00pm CST with three 10 minute videos and the concert itself will begin at 7:30pm CST.

Watch the Live Stream here:

If you are experiencing difficulties viewing the stream, click on "Stream Options" and choose a different streaming platform. Adjusting the resolution can also help - try using a lower resolution or the YouTube feed.

You can view the stream on a mobile device as well by going to the Gustavus Webpage or the YouTube App. We will also be streaming it on the Gustavus Facebook Page.

Contact the Technology Helpline for additional questions regarding streaming at: 507-933-6111, email, or launch a Live Chat by clicking the "Live Support Online" button in the menu on the left. We will be open 6:00 - 8:00pm on Saturday, December 3rd to answer any and all of your questions.