Alumni Home Directory Access

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Gustavus Technology Services offers multiple account access options for alumni and graduates.

Alumni are able to continue using their Gustavus e-mail by migrating to GusMail.

After two months, if you have chosen to not migrate to GusMail, alumni are able to forward their Gustavus email to another account forever. Alumni also have the option of downloading a zip file of their home directory and past e-mail.

Alumni also have the option of migrating their email to GusMail for continued access to their e-mail account.

All these features can be accessed by visiting the Alumni Gustavus User Settings Page. Also see System Administrators Blog.

GusMail Migration

If you have not already migrated to GusMail, we encourage all students to migrate their Gustavus e-mail for uninterrupted access. After graduation, all students will be migrated automatically to GusMail.

Email forwarding

If you have chosen not to move your Gustavus e-mail to GusMail, Gustavus alumni have the ability to forward their e-mail. When you turn E-mail forwarding on, this allows for your account to continue receiving e-mails even after the 1 year period of your account activity. It might be the answer if you do not want to keep your Gustavus e-mail account, but do want to receive any e-mails that are sent to it. E-mail forwarding will forward the e-mails to another e-mail address of your choosing. This option can be activated or adjusted in your account settings. There is no charge for e-mail forwarding and will last as long as you wish.

Zip file of Home Directory

Many people want to keep copies of their home directory, but forget to do it before their accounts are deactivated. The Classes of 2005-2014 have the option of downloading a copy of their home directory in zip format. There is no charge for this option. This option does not become available until after your e-mail account is closed/alumnified. This option is available on the Alumni Gustavus User Settings Page. You will still be able to log into this web page with your Gustavus e-mail username and your e-mail password.

Once downloaded you will need to unzip the file and navigate to the files from your home directory. After unzipped, the directory structure will look something like this: username\Net.real\gac\home\first letter of first name\first letter of last name\usersname.

The contents of your e-mail are in the Maildir directory. Viewing these messages is a little challenging. If you are using Thunderbird, you can download and install an Add-on that will allow you to import the messages from these directories. Please see: Using ImportExportTools3.1 to view Maildir messages.

Contact us

Please contact the Technology Helpline at 507-933-6111, stop by the Technology Services department in Olin Hall or complete our contact form.