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Installing academic lab printers on a Windows PC

Windows Vista/7/8

  • Click Start to open the start menu or start screen.
  • In the search box or on Windows 8 just start typing on the start screen to bring up the search box, Enter \\


  • Now a list of printers will show up. Just double click the printer you want to install then wait for it to install.



Error Access Denied

This issue can happen when your computer is not authenticating with the print server properly. This issue can be fixed by adding your gustavus account to Credential Manager.

  1. Click Start-> On the start screen start typing Credential Manager and select this from the list of results to open it
  2. In Credential Manager, select Windows Credentials
  3. Click Add a Windows Credentials
  4. In network address enter: \\
  5. username enter: gustie\your-email-gustavus-username (without
  6. password enter: enter your gustavus email password
  7. Reboot your computer

Error installing printer

  1. Download and run the Gustavus Printers reset tool

Error code: 0x80070035

Problem: After I type in \\ and press enter, I receive the following message Error message "Windows cannot access //xxxxxxx error code: 0x80070035 the network path not found"

  1. If you are able to browse the web fine and this is Windows 7, This is most likely caused by an issue known to Microsoft. Please install the hotfix below to prevent it in the future:
  2. We also need to remove all the Microsoft 6to4 adapters that have been installed already. This can be done manually or using devcon.
    1. Manually
      1. Start Menu->Right Click on Computer->Click Manage
      2. Open the Device Manager
      3. Select View->Show Hidden Devices
      4. Under Network Adapters, uninstall all the network adapters that say "Microsoft 6to4 Adapter"
    2. Download Devcon x32 or x64 depending on your machine type:
      1. Run devcon.exe in a command prompt as administrator
        1. devcon remove @ROOT\*6TO4MP\*
  3. Reboot your computer

Black Pages when printing from Chrome PDF Viewer

Problem: When printing from the latest version of Chrome's PDF viewer, your print jobs are all black.

This is a known bug in the latest version of Chrome.

Solution 1: Save the document to your computer and web print option to print the docoment. The web print option is available on

Solution 2: Save the document to your computer and use Acrobat Reader to print the PDF or open the PDF in Firefox to print the document.

If this is a Moodle document, please send this to with the specific Course and PDF name so we can repair the PDF.

Installing Gustavus printers on a Macintosh

Mac OS X 10.7 and later

Click the following link to download the Gustavus printer installer. Macintosh Printer Installer

Once the file is downloaded, double click on it. Then locate the file on your desktop and double-click on it.


Then double click on the GACPrinters application to open the installer.


Once the GACPrinters application is opened you will be presented with a window that looks like the image below. The area circled in red is the printer type navigation tab.


To install a printer simply click on the printer you'd like to install. If the printer is installed correctly the button should "ghost" out. The image below shows NoreliusLabPrinter successfully installed and "ghosted" out.


If you get an error, it's most likely because you don't have the latest printer drivers. The error window looks like the image below. If you receive this error you will be asked to be taken to either Apple's or HP's print driver page. From the driver page download and install the driver, then try re-open GACPrinters and try installing the printer again.


Checking printers and setting the default

Now you can verify that your printers installed and set a default. Go to System Preferences and then click on the Print and Fax button. The following window will appear.


If you want to set a default printer, simply click by Default Printer and select the printer you want to use. Once you've done this, you can close out the window and start printing.



Problem: I can't get the installer downloaded. Instead a web page of garbled text is displayed.

Solution: Right-click the download link and choose Save File As or Save Linked File As depending on your browser. Save the downloaded file someplace accessible on your computer like the Desktop and proceed with the instructions. This may mean your browser is not properly installed. This is most common with Mozilla Firefox. For more information about installing Mac OS X software refer to

Problem: I receive an error message: "Your system software should be updated to 10.5.8 or higher to properly utilize the new printers. Navigate to the Apple Menu / Software Update and follow the directions to update your software."

Solution: In order to properly utilize the printers at Gustavus, you should ensure your operating system is up to date. You can check what version of the operating system you have by navigating to the Apple Menu / About This Mac. You should see Version 10.x.x. For version 10.5.x navigate to the Apple Menu / Software Update to download all the free updates. For a version prior to 10.5.8 you will need to contact the Technology Helpline at x6111 for alternative printing methods.

Problem: The printer I want to install is "ghosted" out.

Solution: Close GACPrinters and relaunch GACPrinters.

Email to Print

Cold Reset on HP Printers

A cold reset restores the printer to its factory default settings. Usually it is a last option after trying other troubleshooting techniques.

  1. Turn the printer off (either with the off-on switch or by unplugging it)
  2. Turn the printer on while holding down the Ok or green checkmark button
  3. When all (usually three) lights illuminate on the front of the printer, let go of the Ok or green checkmark button
  4. You should see a menu of options on the display screen
  5. Scroll down using the arrow keys to Cold Reset and press Ok.