Phonathon Outreach Program

GusLink FY17

The Gustavus Student Phonathon is a student outreach team that employs Gustie students to connect with more than 28,000 alumni, parents and friends. The Phonathon team reaches out to members of the Gustavus community to discuss important happenings on campus, invite philanthropy to the Gustavus Fund and convey our gratitude to our donors.

A successful Phonathon caller is well-spoken, engaging with attention to detail, enjoys communicating with many different people, is self-motivated and fun!

Phonathon provides student callers with:

  • A wage of $12.00/hour PLUS incentives and prizes based on performance
  • An average of six hours of work throughout the week
  • Opportunities to build leadership, decision-making and professional speaking skills
  • A great addition to your resume that will be highly regarded when entering the job market

For most students, no work study award is needed for this position, which means that all students have the opportunity to connect with the greater Gustavus community! Apply below or email Logan Campa with questions.

Phonathon team members share their positive experiences:

"I enjoyed being able to talk with alumni and friends of the college and hear their connections to Gustavus and how it impacted their lives. Also raising money for Gustavus was a great experience to help others attend school here." - Jake Kohl '16

"The Celebration of Philanthropy banquet is my favorite event because you get to spend time with people who care so much about Gustavus. I met a couple at the banquet my junior year who ended up coming to one of my orchestra concerts because they saw my name in the program, even though we had only met at the banquet. This showed me that alumni are genuinely interested about the current students at Gustavus." - Rebecca Ihnen '16