GusLink Student Phoning

GusLink Group

GusLink is the student fundraising organization on campus that employs approximately 25 students throughout the academic year.  In an effort to connect more than 25,000 alumni, parents and friends, GusLink students call members of this community to discuss important happenings at Gustavus and to invite their philanthropy to the Gustavus Annual Fund.

A successful GusLink caller is well-spoken, enjoys communicating with many different people, and is self-motivated and assertive.

GusLink provides student callers with:

  • A wage of $7.25/hour PLUS cash incentives, bonuses and prizes based on performance
  • A minimum of six hours of work each week (split into shifts)
  • Opportunities to strengthen calling/professional-speaking abilities through team-building challenges, competitions and games
  • Opportunities to build leadership and decision-making skills
  • A great resume-building experience that will be highly regarded upon entering the job market

No work study award is needed for this position, so all students have the opportunity to connect with the greater Gustavus community! Apply now or email Ben Smith with questions.