Student Research

Geography students at Gustavus are involved in a variety of exciting research projects. Here are some of our students who have presented their research at academic conferences.

Conference Year Student's Name Title
MUGS 2017 Helen A. Thompson Determining the Contribution of Glacial Meltwater at Volcán Chimborazo, Edcuador
MUGS 2017 Madeline Johnson and Skylur Ward Detecting Land Cover Change in a Subsection of the Minnesota River Watershed
MUGS 2016 Talia Moorman Streetcar to Lightrail: Public Transit and Segregation in the Twin Cities
 MUGS 2016 Elliot Mohler and Cameron Reischauer  Cities for whom? A community-based learning project in North Mankato
AAG 2015 Danielle Yaste Hazards of Being Human: GIS Analysis of Human Trafficking in Uganda
MUGS 2015 Brianna Furey, Brendan Maloney, and Talia Moorman Examining Urban Change in Mankato’s Lincoln Park Neighborhood
MUGS 2015 Austen Hilding Benthic Macroinvertebrate Food Webs and Tropical Montane Stream Contamination in Monteverde, Costa Rica
MUGS 2015 Katie Feterl Local Food Innovation Center Feasibility Study in Pine River, MN
MUGS 2015 Danielle Yaste Hazards of Being Human: GIS Analysis of Human Trafficking in Uganda
AAG 2014 Meg Wika Family, Patriotism, and Land Stewardship: Employing the Rural Ideal to Champion Corn Ethanol in Minnesota
MUGS 2014 Meg Wika Family, Patriotism, and Land Stewardship: Employing the Rural Ideal to Champion Corn Ethanol in Minnesota
MUGS 2014 Brendan Maloney Water Rights in the Sacramento River Basin: Conflicts and Recommendations
MUGS 2013 Matt Bye Parishes without Borders: Congregational Geography in Minneapolis and St. Paul
MUGS 2012 Emery Ellingson Ethanol production and CRP enrollment in Minnesota: An exploration of the conflict between conservation and biofuel
MUGS 2012 Jork Birkeland The future of public transportation in the American West
MUGS 2012 Peter Westby Dynamic population growth in Nashville, Tennessee
Natural Hazards Conference 2012 Melissa Wygant Spatial Distribution of Tornadoes within Tornado Alley
Natural Hazards Conference 2011 Melissa Wygant Fargo-Moorhead Flood Management Practices and the MN35K/ND35K Diversion Channel Proposal
Celebration of Creative Inquiry 2010 Andrew Byron Integrating GIS functionality into mobile iPhone apps: Creating effective maps of Yellowstone National Park
MUGS 2010 Matt Horton An Examination of Regional Malls in the Western Suburbs of Minneapolis
MUGS 2010 Andrew Byron Hydrologic and Meteorologic Reconstruction of the 1965 Minnesota River Floods
MUGS 2009 Angie Magnusson Community gardens
MUGS 2008 Eric Cronin Roundabout Mapping
MUGS 2008 Matt Horton A Quantitative Look into the Social and Economic Effect of High Percentages of Hispanics in Minnesotan Counties
MUGS 2008 Julie Landkamer America's Northern Heartland Revisited: Continued Population Shifts
MUGS 2008 Amanda Lindholm Hispanics in Minnesota: A Locational Analysis 1980-2006
MUGS 2008 Andrew Liska Defining the Northern Heartland
MUGS 2008 Brad Utecht The Changing Faces and Spaces of Lutheranism in the Minneapolis Synod
MUGS 2008 Amanda Varley The Geography of Coffee
MUGS 2008 Kurt Wayne The Identity and Function of Very Small Towns: Ottawa, MN
MNGIS 2007 Nick Jost A GIS Analysis of Housing Expansion in Mankato's North Eastern Region Using Aerial Photographs and Census Data
MNGIS 2007 Kurt Wayne Street Connectivity in the Minneapolis Metro Area: Comparing Dead-Ends, Street Length, and Links to Nodes Ratios In Minneapolis and Lakeville, Minnesota
Sigma Xi 2007 Brad Utecht The Changing Faces and Spaces of Lutheranism in the Minneapolis Synod
MUGS 2007 W. Kyle Chester Suitability Analysis for Future Ethanol Facilities in Minnesota
MUGS 2007 Hattie Carvalho Nicollet Meadows: A Small-Town Innovation
NCUR 2007 Laura Pierce Groundwater-Surface Water Connections @ Seven Mile Creek Park
MUGS 2006 Daniel Belgam A New Driving Force in Appleton, Wisconsin, Geographic Analysis of the Location for a Luxury Car Facility
MUGS 2006 Andrew Tschida Theodore Wirth's Legacy: Parks in Minneapolis and their Distance to Young People
MNGIS 2006 W. Kyle Chester Evaluating Vegetation Buffers Along Drainage Ditches in the Middle Minnesota River Watershed
MNAS 2004 Michelle Maley The Geography of Wolves in Minnesota
MNAS 2004 Jeff Turritin "Home Depot, Chipotle, American Eagle and Best Buy: The Growth of Mankato as a Retail Destination"
SDSG/MNAS 2004 Ann Fossum The Aging Population in Minnesota
SDSG/MNAS 2004 Justin Nelson Where Are They Now? A Spatial Analysis of Gustavus Adolphus Alumni
MNAS 2003 Alison Doppelhammer Lake Minnetonka: The Truth Behind the Country Club Image
MNAS 2003 Beth Kasid The Brewing of a Small Business: Caribou Coffee Locations in the Twin Cities Metro Area
MNAS 2003 Amanda Peterson The Holocaust in Lithuania: An Examination of the Historical Geography of Jewish Communities
MNAS 2003 Isaac Johnson Historic Beer Breweries in the Minnesota River Valley
NCUR 2003 Lindsay Brown "Hispanic Landscapes in St. James, MN"
AAG-WLD 2002 Michelle Maley + Lane Cowger How Green is Smart Growth?
MNAS 2002 Amanda Peterson "The Sudanese in Blue Earth County, MN: An Analysis of Migration Settlement"
MNAS 2001 Heather Brandon "The Upscaling of the Northwoods: Rural Gentrification and Resident's Perception of Change in Cook County, Minnesota"
MNAS 2001 Kyli Lotton + Corrie Segerstrom Land Use Change in Le Sueur County: Mining and Communities in Conflict
MNAS 2001 Ross Anderson + Benjamin Lindberg "The Changing Agricultural Landscape in Le Sueur County, Minnesota"
MNAS 2001 Mitchell Brinks + Jamison Conley "Non-Farm Rural Residences: Lakeshore, Blufftop and Leapfrog Developments in Le Sueur County, Minnesota"
NCUR 2001 Heather Brandon The Upscaling of the Northwoods
SDSG 2000 Jamison Conley Classical Place Names in Minnesota
SDSG 2000 Mitch Brinks Mapping Gustavus Adolphus College Students
SDSG 2000 Kyli Lotton "Reforestation in Central America: A Case Study in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala"
SDSG 2000 Ann Fletchall Migration in Britain
Sigma Xi 2000 Dan Engel Hydroacoustic Survey and GIS Modeling of the Kenai River
AAG-WLD 1999 Ann Fletchall Migration in Britain
NCUR 1999 Joel Koepp "A Case Study of Public Transportation: Portland, Oregon"
SDSG 1999 Thor Bjork Rebuilding Saint Peter
SDSG 1999 Ryan Dussault Spatial Distribution of Gray Wolves in North America
SDSG 1999 Matthew Grussing The Ganges River: Use and Abuse
SDSG 1999 Andy Houk "Spatial Distribution of the Zebra Mussel in the United States, 1988-1998"
SDSG 1999 Bryon Smith Location Analysis for Expanding Bank Branches
SDSG 1999 Richard Wanous Distribution of John Deere Dealers in Minnesota
NCUR 1998 Jacob W. Freier El Nino's Effects on the Weather of the Upper Midwest
NCUR 1998 Christopher L. Pouliot GIS and Site Analysis: A Case of a South-Central MN Recreational Trail
NCUR 1997 LaDawn J. Osmundson Reverse Commuting: The Vital Connection
NCUR 1997 Christopher L. Pouliot The Impact of Railroads on Small Town Settlement in Minnesota
NCUR 1997 Jeffrey M. Rettig "The Spatial and Temporal Distribution of CRP Parcels in McLeod County, Minnesota"
NCUR 1997 Stephanie M. Sheetz The Spatial Distribution of Hispanic Population in the United States: An Analysis at Various Geographic Scales
Sigma Xi 1997 Bob Fossum A Comparative Historical Study of Elevation Determination
NCUR 1996 Rachel Frojen A Spatial Analysis of Wheat Production in Minnesota
NCUR 1996 Aaron Sickman Changing Recruiting Patterns of Big Ten Men's Basketball Programs
Sigma Xi 1996 Rachel A. Frojen A Spatial Analysis of Wheat Production in Minnesota
Sigma Xi 1996 Aaron W. Sickman Changing Recruiting Patterns of Big Ten Men's Basketball Programs
MNGIS 1995 Corey Christensen Finding the Old Fort Road: The Use of GIS in Historical Geography
NCUR 1995 Garrett F. Weagant A Geographic Profile of Hispanics in California Counties
NCUR 1995 Nancy A. Wilhelmi "Population Change in South Central Minnesota, 1950-1990"

Key to Conference Abbreviations

  • AAG-WLD: Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, West Lakes Division
  • MUGS: Midwestern Undergraduate Geography Symposium
  • MNAS: Minnesota Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting
  • MNGIS: Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium
  • NCUR: National Conference on Undergraduate Research
  • Sigma XI: Sigma Xi Undergraduate Research Forum
  • SDSG: South Dakota State Geography Convention