The English Department awards two annual prizes, both named after long-time distinguished members of the faculty. Any student may submit to the Owen Prizes in Creative Writing; five exceptional students who are English majors are sent invitations by the department to apply for the Alexis Prize. Awardees receive recognition at the College's Honor's Day in May as well as a modest cash award.

Lawrence Owen Prizes in Creative Writing

Instructions for assembling and submitting portfolios can be found at the top of the submission form. The writer's name should be on the portfolio, but should not appear anywhere on the work itself. Judges will read the submissions "blind." Students may submit an entry in more than one genre.

Previous Award Winners
Year Winners
  Poetry Fiction Nonfiction

Laura Stickney-1st Place

Kathleen O'Brien-2nd Place

Tessa Pieper-3rd Place

Nicole Cundiff-1st Place

John Kraemer-2nd Place

Samuel Peters & Aiden Seyala-3rd Place

Jordan Johnson-1st Place

Gabriella Garry-2nd Place

Laura Stickney-3rd Place


Laura Stickney - 1st Place

Francis Wetherall - 2nd Place

Christian Ash - 3rd Place

Anh Tran - 1st Place

Christian Ash - 2nd Place

Grace Worwa & Lillian Anderson - 3rd Place

Eli Dotson - 1st Place

Francis Wetherall - 2nd Place

Marie Osuna - 3rd Place


Miranda Shaffer Nicole Cundiff Emma Myhre
2018 Frances Wetherall Nicole Cundiff Nicole Cundiff
2017 Frances Wetherall Elli Moran Gretchen Seewald
2016 John Poblocki and Katie Allen Nels Foslien Nels Foslien
2015 Luke O'Connor Molly Butler John Poblocki
2014 Rebecca Hare Earl Stoll Kong Meng Xiong
2013 Aaron Lawrence Trevor Oestenstad Aaron Albani
2012 Patrick Perish Ethan Marxhausen Wade Underwood
2011 Olivia Karns Ethan Marxhausen Lindsay Lelivelt
2010 Ryan McGinty Song Yang Abby Travis
2009 Ingrid Greenlee Ingrid Greenlee Abby Travis
2008 Megan Bren Molly Kolpin Rebecca Andert
2007 Ellen Bergman Adam Nemmers Kate Ellingsen
2006 Hallie Wunsch Matthew McLaughlin
2005 Tyler Dorholt Adam Nemmers
2004 Joe Lencioni
2003 Karin Leonard
2002 Matthew Jaksik
2001 Caroline Hildreth
2000 Genevieve Dahmen

Gerhard Alexis Prize for Excellence in English Studies

Five exceptional students who are English majors are sent invitations by the department to submit a portfolio of their work from English classes. Portfolios range from 15–20 pages, and at least some of the work must be scholarly or analytical.

Previous Award Winners
Year Winner

Nicole Cundiff-1st Place

Miranda Johnsen-2nd Place

Marie Osuna-3rd Place


Laura Stickney - 1st Place

Grace Kranz - 2nd Place

Rachel Andreini - 3rd Place

2019 Taylor Claeys
2018 Thomas Sullivan
2017 Thomas Sullivan
2016 Andra Gulenchyn
2015 Ryan Liebl
2014 Andrea Blom
2013 Abby Huff
2012 Julia Tindell
2011 Brooke Beskau
2010 Lynn Olson
2009 Deborah Lasswell
2008 Kelsey Savre
2007 Jonathan Peasley
2006 Jonathan Peasley
2005 Andy Brown
2004 Anna Stenson
2003 Sandra Valdes
2002 Amelia Greiner
2001 Jessica Fredrickson
2000 Jessica Bergeman