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Marketing and Communications

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Media Relations Assistant
-Search print and online editions of media for stories that include Gustavus
-Make copies and catalog media stories that include Gustavus
-Compile a weekly report for President's Cabinet detailing stories in the media about Gustavus, upcoming news stories for the Gustavus website, and traffic stats for Gustavus news stories
-Make phone calls and write emails to constituents at Gustavus to gather facts for news stories
-Draft news releases
-Post news stories on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter
-Brainstorm ideas for news stories


-Experience and/or interest in writing, experience on high school newspaper desired but not required
-Familiarity with social networks such as facebook and twitter
-Attention to detail

Federal, state, institutional, or special approval work study


Lorie Siebels | | 7520

Posted: Tue Oct 3, 2017

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