Scholarship Opportunities

Maris and Power Award for Investment Study

Putting the vision of alumni Mark ’83 and Terri ’83 Henneman into action, the Mairs & Power Award for Investment Study supports the career aspirations of women planning careers in the world of finance. Noting the lack of women at top levels of the financial field and the unique difficulties women face within the financial world, Mark and Terri crafted a multi-year Award that includes a generous financial scholarship, fee remission for coursework related to taking the Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) exam, and support for a trip to New York while studying for the CFA. Most importantly, however, the Award brings with it mentoring relationships with Mark and others in his firm who can significantly help women in the beginning of their careers create a network of professionals in the financial fields.

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Mayo Innovation Scholars

The Mayo Innovation Scholars Program is an innovative experiential learning opportunity for students at participating private colleges and universities in Minnesota that gives students first-hand research and marketability analysis experience with leading Mayo inventors and researchers. Students work in teams of four, with at least one science major and one business major on each team, to complete research projects that ultimately assist Mayo Clinic Ventures in the assessment of ideas for new products submitted by Mayo Clinic researchers

Interested juniors and seniors majoring in either science, nursing, or business may apply for an internship position with the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program.

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