National Advisory Board

Economics and Management Department

National Advisory Boards assist College programs and departments in the visioning and long-range facilitation of initiatives. National Advisory Boards recommend ways to establish and meet institutional and departmental goals as a result of the members’ advice, advocacy, expertise, goodwill, and financial support.

The purpose​ of this National Advisory Board:
  • Provide value and input to faculty to ensure relevancy of student curriculum in relation to current business needs
  • Help faculty and staff plan and execute key programs which differentiate Gustavus’ Economics and Management department and which provide enriching experiences and learning for students
  • Help build and promote the Department’s reputation, helpful with prospective students and alumni

Members as of 2018: Steve Andres, Suzanne Boda, Steven Carlson, Jared Chester, Rick Clevette, Laura Diaz, Jan Dick, Mike Dueber, Karen Dye, Del Ehrich, Bruce Ensrud, Alissa Fahrenz, Jess Franta, Luther Hagen, Jon Hansen, Brent Harms, Cathy Harms, Brian Holcomb, Hailey Hollenhorst, Annie Jackson, Patrick Lutter, Michele Martin, Jeff Owen, Patrick Riordan, Ed Rudberg, Paul Schiminsky, Ari Silkey, Tony Spain, John Tengwall, Adam Toppin, Laura Vannelli, Jim Vos, Damon Whelchel and Luke Winskowski

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