Mairs & Power Award for Investment Study

Economics & Management

Award Objective and Implementation
The Mairs & Power Award for Investment Study is meant to inspire and encourage Gustavus students, with an emphasis on women and student from other historically under-represented groups, to pursue the study of finance and careers in investing. The Award will include scholarship support, CFA exam sponsorship and mentoring.

Scholarship recipient receives an annual scholarship award of $5,000 to cover expenses that directly relate to obtaining a Gustavus education. The scholarship recipient also receives a CFA Exam Scholarship as outlined below.

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The Award will provide the senior recipient the opportunity to pursue and complete the CFA exam Level 1 immediately following graduation. Enrollment in the Kaplan Schweser (or other) CFA exam preparation course will help the student succeed on exam day. Attendance at a study review program at the Kaplan Schweser Institute (or other) in downtown New York will provide the student an opportunity to study blocks away from Wall Street. Sponsorship expenses for the CFA exam may include:

Scholarship payments are sent directly to the student's financial aid office on behalf of the student at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

Mark HennemanMairs & Power Award recipients will be paired with Mark Henneman, a CFA charterholder himself, as an alumni mentor for the academic year of receipt. Mr. Henneman graduated from Gustavus and the Carlson School of Management and currently is Executive Vice President at Mairs & Power. He has had a successful career as a fund manager, including being named the 2012 Domestic-Equity Fund Manager of the Year by Morningstar. Mr. Henneman will be a personal resource to answer questions about the study of finance and investments, the CFA exams and to offer assistance in pursuit of a career in the investment field.
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Award Selection Criteria
The Selection Committee will evaluate each Award Application on the following criteria: 

  1. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  2. The Applicant’s strong interest in finance and investing and desire to pursue the CFA certification;
  3. Active membership in the Gustavus Finance or Investment Club;
  4. For rising Juniors, the student must have taken or are enrolled in Business Finance and Statistics;
  5. For rising Seniors, the student must have taken or be enrolled in Business Finance, Managerial Finance, and Investments, and preferably taken Econometrics or an upper level statistics course.
  6. Emphasis on women and students from other historically under-represented groups.
  7. Selected students will be required to register for an independent study credit under the supervision of Professor Yang.

For more information, contact Sheng Yang, Professor in Economics and Management at