2017 Gustie Entrepreneur Cup


First place - $5,000 went to Rotimi Edu '17 for Venew



Second place - $3,000 went to Jacob Gonzalez '18, Anders Raarup '19, Tanner Mireault '18, Cody Raduenz '18, and Joe Schultz '18 for Rapport Visuals


Third place - $2,000 went to Karolina Stark '17 for Grace Upon Grace


Executive Summaries

Tudu Anierobi Eziolise '18
Tudu is a productivity app that takes advantage of the inter-connectedness between people going about their daily lives. It allows a user to get any object delivered and it also connects users to people who can run errands for them. Tudu provides a service that is highly customizable and efficient, both parties involved in the transaction derive value from the transaction without going out of their way, as it only connects users to people who are not only in the physical location required to run an errand for the requester, but are also returning to the errand requester's location.

Grace Upon Grace Karolina Stark '17
Churches struggle to build meaningful connections with families. Grace Upon Grace is a sacred dance company providing a unique, kinesthetically dynamic way to worship. Sacred dance celebrates faith intersecting with movement. Our company works in several different ways. We share our sacred dance as a part of the worship service. Workshops are held to teach people of all ages the fundamentals of sacred dance. Through these sessions, students are encouraged to value their own body, mind, and spirituality. Sacred dance kits are also available as another way to engage young families in a congregational worship. Dance is our great joy!

SkyFloat Joakim Ekfeldt '17 and Matthew Monaghan '19
Flotation or sensory deprivation tanks are lightless, soundproof tanks filled with a water and dissolved epsom salt solution to create a pitch black environment and enable silent floating. The water is heated to the same temperature as your skin, causing the sensory input to gradually become inconceivable. Many have profound experiences while floating. SkyFloat will purchase floatation tanks and offer a tank rental service. We primarily aim to target companies who can offer floatation therapy as a perk for their employees. Secondarily we will target colleges and college sports programs for their students and student athletes respectively.

Miracle Mitts Scott Anderson '17
Miracle Mitts sells disposable-cleaning mitts pretreated with a chemical that is eco-friendly and user-safe, all contained within a Ziploc-type bag. Miracle Mitts simplifies regular cleaning by reducing the hassle associated with searching for supplies and allows you to spend more time in your luxurious pool or spa. The mitt/cleaning solution technology of Miracle Mitts is exceptionally practical, which makes the applicability of Miracle Mitts unlimited. Miracle Mitts for pools and spas is a venture that will eventually propel this mitt/cleaning solution technology to revolutionize and simplify cleaning in many diverse household areas.

Mindful Coffee Parker Tinsley '17, Nolan Rockers '17, and George Buchner '17
In today's world, people's constant struggle with time has distorted the perception of what is valuable in a cup of coffee. With the emergence of syrup-concentrated coffee machines, people have forgotten what good, delicious coffee should taste like. Not anymore. Customers will no longer have to sacrifice the quality of their coffee for the time they don't have. Introducing, Mindful Coffee. Mindful Coffee is the new trailblazer of coffee machines which will revolutionize the way people consume their coffee. Our state-of-the-art coffee machines allow customers to purchase and customize their coffee to their liking, simply by using smartphone app technology.

Fortroenda Jacob Herd '18, Austin Warner '18, and Ali Howe '18
The purpose of Fortroenda is to provide a trusted platform for business connections and to connect alumni business owners with fellow alumni and current students. In order to acheive this, the site will be accessible to Gusties free of charge and placed within the Gustavus Adolphus website under gustavus.edu/alumni. In addition, marketing will be done to promote the Fortroenda brand through the slogan: "Gusties Today. Gusties Tomorrow. Gusties Forever."

Venew Rotimi Edu '17
Venew is an internet company that aims to use technology to connect people and improve sustainability of information sharing. Venew's first product is the Venew App, an event sharing mobile application for students across college campuses. The Venew App uses some of the most sophisticated interfaces to create a multi-faceted experience for college students to share moments at events. Venew plans to expand its product base from web and app resources to providing hardware solutions to some of the everyday problems we face in creating a sustainable lifestyle.

Johnson and Schwartz Technology Jacob Johnson '17 and Peter Schwartz '17
Many companies and individuals are switching from traditional locks to key-card readers or id-badges, which are more secure but less efficient and still prone to errors. Therefore, we are creating YourDoor. The door comes with a built in camera and state of the art facial recognition software, allowing it to instantly recognize individuals at the door, check them against a database of access-granted users, and will automatically unlock for those who are cleared. This technology is more secure than a key card, as it cannot be stolen, and does not require anything from users, making it more efficient.

Hangool Mohammed Sheikh '20
Hangool e-commerce website is an online store that brings the small business owners together, to sell their products locally, nationwide, and worldwide. The mission, vision, and goal of Hangool is to successfully give an opportunity to small businesses to sell their products online. Most of the time people ask me where do I get some of my cultural clothes and my answer is always "go to the Twin Cities to locally owned stores and search it from there." Hangool will make it easier for people to buy the unique and stylistic dresses and jewelry from their smart devices without going anywhere.

Rapport Visuals Jacob Gonzalez '18, Anders Raarup '19, Tanner Mireault '18, Cody Raduenz '18, and Joe Schultz '18
Rapport Visuals Company is a multi-angle videography company that is dedicated to finding innovative ways to assist individuals and professionals in commercial and residential real estate. RVC will utilize the latest drone and video technology available to add value to the services realtors and brokers provide to buyers by delivering premium promotional marketing videos of the properties they represent.