2015 Gustie Entrepreneur Cup

Highlights - Inaugural Event

Since entrepreneurship is all about learning through experimentation, participation in the inaugural Gustie Entrepreneur Cup was limited to students taking the Entrepreneurship Seminar. In the 2016 cup, participation will be open to all Gustavus students. You can learn more about the inaugural Gustie Entrepreneur Cup here

First place - $3,000 went to Chloe Altmann ’16 and Danielle Kirchner ’16 for C&D Campus Maps.

Second place - $2,000 went to Gary Cooper ’16 for Mental Health Family Services.

Third place - $1,000 went to Amy Medearis '15 and Michael Houg ’15 for Blinke Beauty.


Executive Summaries 

Breezy Willow Cassandra Lindquist '16
Think about your house, what items do you see on your walls, in your kitchen, or on your desk? Imagine if your house did not have these items. All that would be left is bare walls and rooms leaving your house just a house, not a home. Breezy Willow provides you with items you need to make your house a home. We provide you with unique, country chic items perfect for your home or as a gift. We provide items that are each handcrafted and made locally from recycled material to make a one of a kind product.

So You Think You Can’t Dance Jack Anderson '16 and Liz Strom '15
So You Think You Can’t Dance? Think again! It’s our mission to bring couples and friends together, whether you’re 20-year-old students or celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary, to learn a new skill and meet other adventurous couples. Not only will you learn basic techniques, you get a unique date far exceeding the typical ‘dinner and a movie.’ This five-week crash course introduces you to partner dancing where our knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors offer courses in everything from the waltz to the tango. We transform those two left feet into steps of confidence and have a little fun along the way.

C&D Campus Maps Chloe Altmann '16 and Danielle Kirchner '16
Frustrated by getting lost on a college campus and then being late to a meeting or event? Let C&D Campus Maps fill those gaps. C&D Campus Maps creates navigational apps to help colleges create engaging experiences for their visitors. The app provides directions to all campus destinations including academic buildings, dorm buildings, parking lots, and cash machines. It will also navigate visitors to locations within the buildings. As colleges continue to compete for applicants, a great first impression remains a priority. Yet, so far colleges do not have a reliable tool for helping visitors experience the campus in an engaging manner. C&D Campus Maps can solve this problem. Our app allows visitors to become more knowledgeable and confident about walking or driving around the campus. Gustavus Adolphus will be the first college for which we will create the app.

Brain Chains Andrew Bjork '15, Ashley Lager '16, Jacob Beyer '15 and Michaela Schulz '17
Our product is a way to promote one thing that all students need to do: study. Our product is based on research that has proven that rosemary and peppermint help to improve cognition, long-term memory, and alertness when used as an aromatherapy. Brain Chains is combining proven effects of rosemary and peppermint to revolutionize study habits. The keychain we sell under the Brain Chains brand is a small twist top bottle that encloses the rosemary and peppermint solution, conveniently attached to a chain to make a small portable study tool that will help supplement studying.

Custom Auto Trevor Leagjeld '17
My business is to create a fully functional car development webpage where you can add any after market accessory you could ever want on your vehicle. It is human nature to want to complete a picture of something you visualize. Through computer graphics or with the use of art, my business will give people the ability to visualize the possibilities they imagine. Instead of speculating what different accessories would look like, consumers will view images based off a computer rendition with overlay on a dynamic website.

Mental Health Family Services Gary Cooper '16
Often times, consumers have to wait weeks to months for their first appointments. A study published in “Health Affairs”, a monthly healthcare journal from Boston College, suggest that a visit to a NP or Physician Assistant cost on average around 20-35 percent less than a Physician visit. My wife, Jacqueline Cooper and I plan to open our own outpatient psychiatric clinic in the metro area. She is a psychiatric nurse practitioner, and recent changes to Minnesota state law now allow her to practice independently, without any oversight from a physician. Access to healthcare, psychiatric services in particular, is a barrier for consumers. With this new opportunity for NP’s, a reasonably cheaper alternative to a physician, and the demand for services, we believe this is the perfect time to start our new business venture.

Ascent Emily Atkins '16 and Courtney Harbeck '16
At Ascent, we will work in partnership with high school students and their parents as they climb into their future by providing indispensable tools and resources essential to preparing for college in one succinct, easy to use, and interactive place. As current college students, we understand the overwhelming and complex process of researching, applying for, preparing for, and entering college. We promise to provide insight and insider information by equipping students and parents with real-world informational programs. These programs include focused videos, monthly podcasts, private Facebook forums, action-step checklists, the latest industry news, and monthly conference call Q&A sessions that can be purchased online at any time. In addition, with every membership, we make a donation to college students in Tanzania, in partnership with The Dar Project. Our mission is to provide an affordable and indispensable curriculum that cannot be found anywhere else by working directly and proactively with high school students and parents as they their future in today’s world.

Blinke Beauty Amy Medearis '15 and Michael Houg '15
Blinke Beauty is a beauty bar specializing in eyelash extensions. Although we specialize in eyelash extensions, we offer other beauty services such as facial waxing and makeup application. This beauty bar is your ultimate one stop shop for longer, more voluminous lashes. Whether you are a bride-to-be or a busy mother of three, Blinke Beauty bar helps our clients improve their daily beauty routine. What we bring to clients is low-maintenance beauty.

Ami Catering Emily Erickson '15, Grace Bouley '15, Jaan Ots '15
Ami Catering is an innovative new catering service that is soon to hit the market. Our main focus is fondue, serving cheesy appetizers, delectable entrees, and melty, chocolate desserts. Ami Catering will spice up any home gathering; whether it is a wedding, business party, or family affair, you can be sure to get a decadent meal brought straight to your venue of choice. Ami Catering has future plans to open Ami International Cuisine featuring the same food as Ami Catering with a twist. Along with fondue, we will offer a specialty menu filled with authentic foods from across the globe! With everything from warm cheeses and meats to savory desserts, you are sure to have fond fondue memories with friends and family with Ami!

Hit the Road Sho Fujikawa
Recently, there are thousands of sites and books about travel. But our iPhone application. Hit the Road is quite different. If you like travel, or if you want to save money and time, just click and download. This application is the Social Network Service of travel. You can get the most concrete and local travel information by using it. You can take pictures, write down your memorable moments, and share them with your friends. Hit the Road will make your trip fantastic! If you find it interesting, why not try it now?

Atomic DJs Cody Christensen '16
Here at Atomic DJ’s, customers will be treated with one-of-a-kind service throughout the entire event. We are experienced in event coordination while specializing in the ensured value of keeping the dancefloor packed. Our unique style of leading line dances and taking requests across a vast array of musical genres guarantee the customer an unforgettable and stress-free night. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 who want to have a good time should look no further than hiring one of our Atomic DJ’s. Booking is easy, too, as we can be found online or through a simple phone call. There will be no hidden fees as we come in, set up, promote fun, and tear down.