Ingredient and Food Allergen StatementDining Service

Gustavus Dining Service attempts to provide nutrition information that is as complete as possible. Nutritional information is calculated using reliable database content, information provided by manufacturers, and standardized recipes and preparation methods. There may be normal variation in some products due to the use of regional suppliers, seasonal influences, and differences in product preparation at the kitchen level, recipe revisions, and other factors. This information is subject to change and will be updated periodically. Our kitchen and bakery uses nuts, gluten, and other ingredients that contain allergens. Our staff have been trained in the handling and preparation of food in accordance with safe food practices to reduce the risk of cross-contact. If you suffer from Celiac Disease, have a wheat allergy, or suffer from any other severe reactions to food allergens, it is very important that you communicate with our Market Place Supervisors and chefs before consuming food. Also, let our food servers know you have a food allergy or Celiac so they know to use separate cooking tools and didciated cookware for your order and change their gloves before serving you. At Gustavus, we offer a number of gluten free foods and provide a separate area of self-service with packaged and homemade, wrapped gluten-free foods. Students on special diets or with food allergies should meet with the campus dietitian; Jen Donkin, RD, LD, CED at for further assistance.