Conduct Process

Below is a condensed version of the conduct process. 

  1.  A Complaint is filed with the Dean of Students Office, usually through Campus Safety, Residential Life or by another student.
  2.  The Complaint is evaluated and either dismissed or referred to an Administrative Conference with a Residential Life staff member or a Conduct Board hearing. If a hearing is chosen, a notice of the hearing with a time and place will be sent to the Respondent.
  3.  At the hearing, both the Respondent and the Complainant have the opportunity to present information. If either misses the hearing, it will continue in their absence. Appeals can be made in the case of an absence. 
  4. Both the Respondent and Complainant will be notified of the outcome of the hearing within a reasonable time. If the Respondent is found responsible, they will be informed of assigned consequences (called "sanctions") and the appeals procedure.
  5. All sanctions are held in abeyance while an appeal is pending. 

For more in depth rights and procedures, refer to the Gustie Guide.