2014/SP Interpersonal Communication COM-117 001 Sarah Wolter ’02
2014/SP Interpersonal Communication COM-117 002 Beatriz Torres
2014/SP Public Discourse COM-120 001 Martin Lang ’95
2014/SP Public Discourse COM-120 002 Pamela Conners
2014/SP Public Discourse COM-120 003 Sarah Wolter ’02
2014/SP Public Discourse COM-120 004 Melody Hoffmann
2014/SP Public Discourse COM-120 005 Melody Hoffmann
2014/SP Media and Society COM-235 001 Martin Lang ’95
2014/SP Small-Group Communication COM-237 001 Beatriz Torres
2014/SP Non-Profit Leadership COM-246 001 Phillip Voight
2014/SP Ethnography of Comm COM-247 001 Beatriz Torres
2014/SP Intercultural Communication COM-257 001 Patricia English
2014/SP Rhetorical Criticism COM-258 001 Pamela Conners
2014/SP Video Representation COM-265 001 Martin Lang ’95
2014/SP Advocacy & Change COM-280 001 Melody Hoffmann
2014/SP Internship COM-368 001 Pamela Conners
2014/SP Internship COM-368 002 Beatriz Torres
2014/SP Internship COM-368 003 Patricia English
2014/SP Organizational Communication COM-377 001 Patricia English
2014/SP Contemporary Rhetoric COM-381 001 Pamela Conners
2014/SP Communication and Gender COM-383 001 Sarah Wolter ’02
2014/SP Spectatorship Ethics COM-385 001 Phillip Voight
2014/SP Honors Thesis COM-397 001 Pamela Conners