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Study Away Course Proposals

J-Term Study Away Courses

January study away courses are central to the Gustavus Adolphus College global mission. Such courses are designed to capitalize on opportunities unique to the locations where they are taught and to integrate classroom instruction and experiential learning activities into a well-conceived whole. January off-campus study provides opportunities for courses that are innovative, experimental, and/or interdisciplinary. Any faculty member, with the approval of the department chair, may propose an off-campus January course to be taught during the second year or a subsequent year on the Gustavus Adolphus faculty. Proposals must demonstrate the suitability of the course to the college curriculum. Furthermore, they must provide a rationale for conducting the course off-campus by explaining the significance of the location(s) to the overall educational experience. The proposal shall provide a clear picture of the careful integration of course content and on-site living and learning opportunities. Proposals are reviewed first by the Director of International and Cultural Education, then by the Global Engagement Committee (GEC). For more information about January off-campus course instructional policies and guidelines, see the CICE web page.

Forms and Deadlines
Form Deadline
Online Course Proposal Form September 18, 2020