Chemistry Placement Exam


Most students do NOT need to take this placement exam. You only need to take the Chemisty Placement exam if you intend to register (or think you might register) for chemistry in the fall of 2021. 

We normally advise that you take general chemistry in the fall of your first year IF:

  • You are considering a major in Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, or Biology.
  • You are considering one of the following pre-professional tracks: pre-dentistry, pre-medicine, pre-optometry, pre-pharmacy, pre-veterinary.

You will need to take general chemistry, but you don't necessarily have to take it this fall IF:

  • You are considering a major in Nursing, Geology.
  • You are considering the pre-physical therapy track.

For more detailed guidance, please read this General Chemistry information sheet.

The chemistry placement exam is an on-line exam to determine which general chemistry course is best for you. Students who wish to take a chemistry course or who are required to take a chemistry course for their major typically take one of two paths:

CHE-106 Introduction to Chemical Principles and CHE-108 Chemical Thermodynamics and Equilibrium:

CHE-106 (Fall) and CHE-108 (J-term) cover the same content as CHE-107 (Fall only). This alternative track is offered in order to better support students with varying levels of preparation and reasons for taking chemistry.

CHE-107 Principles of Chemistry:

CHE-107 (Fall only) will provide a basic understanding of key chemistry principles and aims to prepare students for upper-level chemistry and biology coursework.

You MUST take the complete chemistry placement exam if you wish to register for CHE-106 or CHE-107 in Fall 2021. 

Your performance on the placement exam or your answers to the demographic questions will in no way limit your ability to register for general chemistry course or to complete any major degree program, nor will it impact your course grade.

Instructions for Taking the Chemistry Placement Exam
  • This is an unproctored, online exam. When taking this exam, you agree to abide by the Gustavus Honor Code and not use any unaothorized materials or other aid.
  • If you encounter technical problems or have questions, you may send an email to a chemistry professor at
  • To take the placement exam you will need approximately 30 minutes to work without interruption, however, there is no time limit.
  • You will need scratch paper and a pencil.
  • We encourage you to have a calculator and periodic table.
  • If you need accommodations for this exam please contact Accessibility Resources staff in the Academic Support Center by calling 507-933-7227.
  • The Chemistry placement exam must be taken and results must be received prior to registration.
  • Chemistry placement exam results are not processed automatically. Please allow up to 5 business days to receive results.
Current Gustavus Students:
    • You need to take this exam if you plan to register for CHE-106 or CHE-107 in Fall 2021, even if you have taken the exam in a prior year.
    • Please take this exam at least one week prior to your registration time.
    • You will receive a letter in your Gustavus email detailing your placement and details for registration.
Incoming Gustavus Students:
    • You only need to take this exam if you wish to enroll in a chemistry class in Fall 2021.
    • Please complete this exam by June 15.
    • You will receive a letter in your Gustavus email detailing about your placement.
    • The summer registration team will use this placement to register you for the appropriate course.

Select the link below once you are ready to begin. 

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