Chemistry Placement Exam

Students wishing to take Principles of Chemistry in the Fall of 2018 will need to take the Chemistry Placement Exam to receive permission to register.

Current Gustavus Students

Instructions for Taking the Chemistry Placement Exam

  • Please take this exam at least one week in advance of speaking with an advisor.
  • We assume that you can take the placement test on the Web, if not at home, then at a library or other location.
  • If you encounter technical problems or have questions, you may send an email to a chemistry professor at or
  • To take the placement exam you will need approximately 60 minutes to work without interruption, you will need scratch paper and a pencil. We also encourage you to have a calculator and periodic table.
  • More information about how the Chemistry Placement Exam is used (and why) will be coming soon!

Select the link below once you are ready to begin.

Chemistry Placement Exam for Current Students


Incoming Gustavus Students

The Chemistry Placement Exam for incoming students will be available no later than April 9th, 2018. Please check back again! For questions, please e-mail Prof. Anna Volkert at

Chemistry Placement Exam for Incoming Students