Meet the Mentors


Hubert Ngabirano '18

Hubert Ngabirano

Hello, I go by Hubert or Hubie :). I’m a senior Political Science Major. I am from Bujumbura, Burundi. On campus, I’m involved with Student Senate, the Residential Life Office, the Marketing Office, the French Department and various Christian ministries. This will be my second year as a mentor and I’m looking forward to connecting with the fellows and foster an environment where questions are encouraged.

Michelle Simms '19

Michelle Simms

My name is Michelle Simms and I am from Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. Here at Gustavus, I'm a risinjunior studying biology and religion. I've grown up in the ELCA Lutheran church, and have continued my involvement with this tradition here at Gustavus through on-campus involvement as well as being a mentor for the Academy. I wanted to be a mentor to learn and lead others to learn, and to engage with the intersections betweenfaith, science, and ethics at a deeper level. I look forward to getting to know you!

Amanda Jensen '20
Amanda Jensen

Hi my name is Amanda Jensen and I am from Cambridge, MN. I am a rising Sophomore, majoring in Communication Studies and Political Science with a minor in Studio Art. I am a part of the Gustavus Academy for Faith, Science, and Ethics because I believe the only way one can have an informed faith is by questioning it. In addition, those who belong to a faith must take on the responsibilities to care for and understand their physical world because of the grace they receive from their higher power.

Matt Ouren '19

Matt Ouren

My name is Matthew Ouren and I am a Communication Studies Major with a Religion Minor and I am in the class of 2019 from North Mankato, MN. On campus I am a member of the Men’s Varsity soccer team, Multifaith Leadership Council, and am a Coordinator for Gustavus Youth Outreach. I am excited about being a mentor at the Academy because I am passionate about learning and helping others learn about faith topics.

Rachel Belvedere '20

Rachel Belvedere

My name is Rachel Belvedere and I am so excited to be a Mentor at this year’s Academy! I am from Edina, MN andwill be a sophomore next year at Gustavus. I am studying Environmental Studies, Religion, and Communications. Iwas raised in the Christian tradition, having many Lutheran family members and attending a Presbyterian church throughout my childhood. Today, I identify myself as a Christian who works to deepen my own faith and also learn more about the faith traditions of others. I decided to be a Mentor because I see a great need for dialogue and productive coexistence between the realms of religion and science. I am excited to hear about what draws all of you to the Academy and I can’t wait to meet you!

Alex Theship-Rosales '19

Alex Theship-Rosales

Hi! My name is Alex Theship-Rosales, and I am an Environmental Studies major, Religion minor here at Gustavus. I grew up in Chaska, Minnesota and really like blueberries and long nature walks. I applied to be a Mentor for the Academy because I'm interested in hearing the insights of others, asking deep questions, and learning about other people's beliefs. I also think finding ways to connect faith in genuine ways with modern issues is something the world needs a lot more of. Faith is action!

Megan Eide '19

Megan Eide

Hello! My name is Megan Eide, and I am a junior Religion and Communication Studies double major and Film and Media minor from Bloomington, Minnesota. During the Academy, I am excited to expand my scientific knowledge, grow in my Lutheran faith, and explore my vocational callings as I help my fellows do the same.

Benjamin Easter '19

Benjamin Easter

Hello! My name is Benjamin! I'm a junior Chemistry major from Minneapolis. I'm a member of Mount Olivet Church and look forward to exploring the intersection of evolution and creationism.

Rachel Larson '19

Rachel Larson

Hello! My name is Rachel Larson and I just finished my sophomore year here at Gustavus. I am majoring in Communication Studies with a double minor in Religion and Music. I graduated from Eagan High School and was an active member of Augustana Lutheran Church, my home church, in West St. Paul. I am excited to serve as a Mentor at the Gustavus Academy for Faith, Science, and Ethics because I want to be part of a community that creates curious leaders who strive to better understand the relationship between their values and the world around them.