2021 Camp Schedule

Tennis & Life Camps

**TLC will be following CDC, MDH, and Gustavus COVID safety protocol and guidelines for all 2021 summer camps. We are currently limiting camp capacity to 50% for 2021 and will expand only if it is deemed safe. We value your safety above all. If an entire summer camp would need to be cancelled, you will receive a full refund, including your registration fee. Cancellations for any other reason will follow TLC cancellation guidelines.
Location of Camps
Our camps are located at 800 West College Avenue, St. Peter, MN 56082 on the campus of Gustavus Adolphus College. Campers will check in/out and stay in Norelius Hall which is on the north side of the campus. All tennis related activities will take place at the Swanson Tennis Center and Brown Outdoor Tennis Courts on the northwestern side of campus. All meals during the time of camp will take place at the Evelynn Young Dining Room found in the C. Charles Jackson Campus Center.

Junior Camps

Players of all ability levels are welcome. You receive an individual tennis analysis report, a TLC shirt, a camp photograph, performance awards, and a certificate of attendance. Non-tennis highlights include swimming, a variety show, a dance, and other recreational activities. You return to our supervised dormitory by 9:00 p.m. each evening. Click here for a copy of the Junior Camp schedule.

Junior Camps (Ages 11-18) - $625 (Includes $100 nonrefundable deposit)
  • June 7-10 (WAITING LIST ONLY)
  • June 14-17 (WAITING LIST ONLY)
  • June 21-24 (WAITING LIST ONLY)
  • June 28-July 1 (WAITING LIST ONLY)
  • July 19-22 (WAITING LIST ONLY)
  • July 26-29 (WAITING LIST ONLY)
  • August 2-5 (WAITING LIST ONLY)

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Tournament Players Camp

Advanced players (4.0 to 5.5) who participate in summer USTA tournaments and/or rank at the top of their school team attend. Participants should have a Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) from playing in tournaments, but not required. You are expected to have a reliable spin serve, hit topspin and slice on your groundstrokes, volley and hit overheads comfortably, and sustain long rallies from the baseline. Most drills are player sustained, and emphasis will be placed on match play. Click here for a copy of the Tournament Player Camp schedule.

Tournament Players Camp (Ages 11-18) - $625 (Includes $100 nonrefundable deposit)
  • July 12-15 (WAITING LIST ONLY)

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Adult Camps

Beginners (1.5) through advanced players (5.5) receive intensive tennis training from teachers who adjust their teaching to your present playing and conditioning level. We incorporate more point play drills! Many humorous skits teach and entertain you. Both singles and couples enjoy the informal, friendly, first name environment. A social hour with refreshments and entertainment highlights the final evening. Click here for a copy of the Adult Camp schedule.

Adult Camps (Ages 18 and up)  - $625 (Includes $100 nonrefundable deposit)
  • June 10-13 (WAITING LIST ONLY)
  • June 17-20 (WAITING LIST ONLY)

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Family Camps

Beginners (1.5) through advanced players (5.5) from ages 7 and up attend with other family members. Campers are usually divided into drill groups according to age and ability, but exceptions by request are honored. 10-and-under tennis drills and equipment are used with younger players. Adults participate in up and down the river point play rotations in addition to stroke mechanic-based lessons. Families are usually placed together in off court sessions. Children, parents, and/or grandparents often come together and bring friends with them. Family members stay next to each other in semiprivate dormitory rooms. Non-tennis players may accompany their families and attend off court sessions together. Click here for a copy of the Family Camp schedule.

Family Camps (Ages 7 and up) - $625 (Includes $100 nonrefundable deposit)
  • June 24-27 (WAITING LIST ONLY)
  • July 8-11 (WAITING LIST ONLY)
  • July 15-18 (WAITING LIST ONLY)
  • July 29-August 1 (WAITING LIST ONLY)

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Retreat Camps

TLC has three "I Have a Name" retreat camps which occur throughout the school year where we bring together six groups of four students and one chaperone (30 total campers) from rural and city organizations. Middle school players of all ability levels are welcome. You receive a TLC shirt, a camp photograph, and a certificate of attendance. Non-tennis highlights include exploring personal identities in such a way as to become aware of race and gender privilege in the world; explore the intersectionality of race, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, economic status, etc.; and explore how to practice the Three Crowns of positive attitude, full effort, and good sportsmanship as a tool to change unequal systems and build bridges to those who may be outwardly different from us.

Camps are fully funded by scholarships from TLC donors and are TLC invitation only.

If you would like to learn more, visit our Retreat Camp page.

Retreat Camps (Current 7th and 8th grade students) 
  • *Due to COVID-19, Retreat Camps will NOT be held during the 2020-2021 academic year 

What to bring?

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