The Pillars

Campaign Gustavus

What ignites your passion?

When it comes to Gustavus, there is a lot to be passionate about: high-caliber students and faculty, enhanced campus diversity, green technology, state-of-the-art facilities, world-class academics, and extra-curricular programs. The list goes on and on. And you can be sure that if it stirs your passion, it will greatly impact the future of the College.

Enter Campaign Gustavus.

This comprehensive fundraising campaign is your invitation to propel the college to a new level of success. The campaign is built on many of the strategic recommendations of Commission Gustavus 150, which form three pillars: Opportunity, Teaching and Learning, and Community. Each pillar is an integral part of the experience that is uniquely Gustavus.

Now’s the time to give the gift of your dreams. Inspire others with your passion. Make your life count.