We’re Not OK: A Dialogue About Black Faculty & Staff Experiences at PWIsMay 18 at 34 p.m.

TimeMay 18 at 34 p.m.

This is the 2nd BIPOC & Accomplices employee resource group event, designed as a safe space for Gustavus BIPOC faculty/staff only, in order to create transparency and vulnerability. To increase engagement/participation our BIPOC colleagues at Carleton & St. Cloud will also be joining us online.

Dr. Antija Allen and Justin T. Stewart are the co-authors of the book & Amazon best-seller, “We’re Not OK: Black Faculty Experiences and Higher Education Strategies.” This book has appeared on the Diversity Network website and was highlighted in Insight into Diversity magazine, the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, and Inside Higher Ed. As co-facilitators, they will take a deep dive into the potential ramifications of racial disparities on social belonging and mental health. Topics include racial trauma, tokenism, code switching, and imposter syndrome. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on personal experiences as they dissect narratives from Black faculty. Attendees will leave with mental wellness strategies that they can implement personally and professionally. For Zoom link info please email Kareem Watts at kjwatts@gustavus.edu.

PostedMay 16, 2023