Announcement: 'Welcome New Neighbor': Refugee Resettlement Rhetoric in Post World War II Minnesota - Presented by Dr. Pamela Conners

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Dr. Pamela Conners of the Communications Studies Department will be presenting on a special topic for the Alumni College Virtual Event series on Thursday, March 17th at noon over Zoom.

After World War II, many Europeans were unable to return to their homelands and resided in Displaced Persons camps in Italy, Germany, or Austria. From 1948-1952, Minnesota opened its doors to thousands of those refugees. To persuade Minnesotans to sponsor the new immigrants -- assuring them housing and a job --  policymakers and Christian agencies undertook a persuasive campaign that characterized the displaced persons as neighbors and pioneers. Several displaced persons resettled in Saint Peter and worked at Gustavus.

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PostedFeb 10, 2022