Announcement: Town Hall Conversation : "Was Her Skirt Too Short?" with Elizabeth Klebs '25 and Andrew Mendez '24


Save the date for our Town Hall Conversation to learn about modern perceptions of rape and the societal acceptance of rape myths. This session will equip students with the personal awareness to spot and correct rape myths and behaviors that can contribute to sexual violence. We will also prepare students for the interactions to dismantle myths and behaviors. Understanding the foundational reasons for why/how sexual violence happens–how this could affect you, and the traits, signs, and behaviors to be aware of so you can get out of harm’s way before things escalate.

Title: Town Hall Conversation : "Was Her Skirt Too Short?"

Led by: Elizabeth Klebs '25 and Andrew Mendez '24

Location: President's Dining Room, Jackson Campus Center

Date: Wednesday, October 12,  6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

PostedOct 05, 2022