The Festival of Saint Lucia

December 8, 2016Calendar Icon

TimeDecember 8, 2016

According to Swedish legend, a ship carrying a maiden "clothed in white and crowned with light" appeared on the shore in V??rmland during a great famine. The maiden, widely believed to be Lucia, distributed food and clothing to the needy, thus endearing herself to the Swedish people. As a school founded by Swedish immigrants, the Gustavus Adolphus College community has found it appropriate to celebrate some Swedish traditions.

At Gustavus a St. Lucia Court sings carols through the residence halls starting at 5 a.m. Then the community is invited to a chapel service featuring the Lucia Court, singing by the Lucia Singers choir, and the previous year's St. Lucia providing a homily during which the legend is retold. The chapel service is free and open to the public.

The service is followed by a Scandinavian sm??rg??sbord luncheon and program.To order tickets, visit

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