Sunday Worship CommunitySeptember 5, 2021 at 6:307:15 p.m.

TimeSeptember 5, 2021 at 6:307:15 p.m.

Sunday worship happens weekly while school is in session. We are a growing community of faith that loudly proclaims that love wins, science is real, black lives matter, and that people are more important than political parties.  We believe our relationship with Jesus both restores and liberates us and calls us to act for justice.  We interpret liturgy (an ancient order of worship) in new ways and find the divine in a wide variety of music.  Communion happens every Sunday and there are no exceptions to who is invited to the table. We are big on community and believe that worship happens best when we know each other. Visitors, doubters, believers, questioners -- there is room for all of us. 

Worship includes time for reflection and connection through small groups.

PostedAug 29, 2021