Success Sessions Repeated (BLOCK 2)September 5, 2022 at 1:452:15 p.m.

TimeSeptember 5, 2022 at 1:452:15 p.m.

Classes begin tomorrow! Are you prepared? Choose one of these sessions to get yourself on the right track. 

“How I Get Good Grades” 

Three Crowns Banquet Room 

An upperclass student panel of high achievers in the classroom will share tips and answer questions on how they maintain their commendable GPAs, balance schoolwork, and a personal life, and survive their transition to college-level academics.

Writing Your Way to Success 

President’s Dining Room  

Writing papers can be difficult and frustrating for many students throughout their college careers. The Writing Center is here to help. Meet the writing tutors, learn how to make appointments, and play games that will help you know what to expect for collegiate writing.

Learn to Live 


Feelings of stress, anxiety and worry are normal as students transition to college life. Join Dr. Russ and the clinical team to learn about powerful tools and strategies to successfully manage stress that accompanies life as a college student.

Learn to Live provides a FREE self-assessment to find out to what extent common issues (i.e. stress, anxiety & worry, depression, social anxiety, insomnia and substance use) might be affecting your life, and offers online programs at no cost to help students thrive.

PostedAug 24, 2022