Reading Brings Us TogetherMarch 22, 2023

Time: March 22, 2023

Every week during March, celebrate how Reading Brings Us Together by filling out this form for a chance to win prizes! The more activities you check off, the greater your point total will be, but no matter what you have time to complete, we hope you enjoy the challenge and discover new things about the Gustavus Library. Below is the weekly schedule for submissions (please submit once per week!):

  • Week 1: March 1 to March 7
  • Week 2: March 8 to March 14
  • Week 3: March 15 to March 21
  • Week 4: March 22 to March 28

One prize winner will be announced weekly. The grand prize winner (as determined by overall number of points) will choose a new acquisition to be purchased in their honor for the library’s collection. Also, save the date for a community reading party on March 26th as we wrap up the month with a cozy evening of food and reading for pleasure!