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April 28, 2006Calendar Icon

TimeApril 28, 2006
Description Please be aware of this change.

If the old bookmarks do not work, find out where they go (url) and send email to doachs@gac.edu.

If they don't work, have them type in https://webadvisor.gac.edu/online_services/

This should work. Have them bookmark this one and delete the old one.

Thanks, have a great day everybody!


Begin forwarded message:

From: Dan Oachs
Date: April 27, 2006 2:46:46 PM CDT
To: nsonsteb@gac.edu
Cc: List containing the Info Tech staff
Subject: [It-staff] secure.gac.edu changed

I have changed secure.gac.edu so that it no longer points at zeme but points to our new webadvisor servers instead. This is so that if anyone had the old webadvisor links bookmarked, they will now point to the new server as well.

Jeremy is also changing the final links that were still pointing to secure.gac.edu for Spamassassin settings and vacation messages to point the the new versions of those.

Dan Oachs
PostedApr 17, 2019