Announcement: Martin Luther King Jr. Virtual Memorial Celebration

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The annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration emphasizes the continuing struggle for civil rights in the United States and around the world. This year, it will be a virtual event focused on racial equity and anti-racism led by Team Dynamics.

Team Dynamics, will work with attendees to find some shared meaning and understanding of core concepts like diversity, equity, inclusion, and culture. They also will lead participants to explore the ways our identities impact our lived experiences.

Team Dynamics is a team of educators who are experts in facilitating education that begins with identity and builds to develop skills for being anti-racists.

The President's Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will use this presentation to launch a series of racial justice and inclusion educational opportunities led by Team Dynamics for Gustavus students, faculty, and staff to continue their learning into spring semester.

This event is sponsored by the Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies Department, the Office of the Chaplains, the Center for Inclusive Excellence, and the President's Office.

Team Dynamic Presenters

Tyrai Bronson-Pruitt

Tyrai is a passionate, energetic leader and facilitator who strives to empower others to recognize and celebrate differences in order to create change in the individual and their communities. Born and raised in Minneapolis, also spending time in Omaha, Nebraska for college, Tyrai is committed to making life in the Midwest better for herself, her wife, and their four children. Prior to her work at Team Dynamics, Tyrai served as a K-12 educator and as the Diversity & Inclusion Manager for Reading and Math Inc. Tyrai has developed a variety of diversity and inclusion trainings and activities on the topics of race, age, gender and other facets of diversity. Tyrai demonstrates her passion for social justice in her personal and professional life by seeking out and sharing the necessary tools and resources to create equitable and inclusive spaces for all people. 

Levi Weinhagen

Levi has spent the past 20 years developing and deploying deep skill in education, community engagement, communication, and intercultural growth. A straight white man, embedded in media organizations and nonprofits throughout his entire career, Levi experienced, first hand, how organizational cultures have always been informed by identity. Both a theater maker and the father of a teenage girl, Levi is invested in our clients having embodied, transformative experiences when engaging in race and gender equity work. In addition to his work at Team Dynamics, Levi is a teaching artist with COMPAS and produces and hosts a podcast called ‘Not About You’ that is a serious yet entertaining look at social justice issues in America. He also founded a project called Justice Chickens that brings together groups of comedy creators and justice-focused organizations to use the tools of comedy to look for creative approaches to the work of making change.

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PostedJan 14, 2021