Lecture by Professor Barbara Weiden Boyd- Classics

October 22, 2009 at 78 p.m.

TimeOctober 22, 2009 at 78 p.m.

Dr. Barbara Weiden Boyd, Henry Winkley Professor of Latin and Greek, Bowdoin College will present a lecture entitled "Example and Imitation: Shared Identity and Living Tradition in Augustan Rome."

Dr. Boyd is a leading expert on Latin poetry, and the author of several books on Virgil and on Ovid. She serves on the board of directors of the Vergilian Society and on the board of the American Philological Association. She has taught for two years at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, and has traveled and studied extensively in Italy.

Refreshments will be served after the lecture. The lecture does not presuppose knowledge of Classics.

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