Gustie Cup: Basketball and Dunk Contest (Space Jam Edition)

March 15, 2013 at 4:307 pm[2h 30m]
Lund Center Forum

Gustie Cup: Basketball and Dunk Contest (Space Jam Edition) Lund Center Forum

Come on and slam if you wanna jam at Gustie Cup: Basketball this Friday at 4:30 at Gus Young Court in Lund Center. This tournament will consist of 20-minute games with the victor receiving $100 to the restaurant of their choice and a copy of Space Jam on DVD! Having at least one player of each gender on the court gives that team 2 points in the overall Gustie Cup standings. After the tournament, there will also be a dunk contest on a 9-foot hoop. Participants will be allowed 30 seconds to complete a dunk (assisted/solo) and the winner will receive $25 to the restaurant of their choice. So if you believe you can fly, then this tournament is for you!

ContactChris Masad ’13 — 712-330-4565
SponsorCampus Activities Board, Recreation