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November 2, 2015 at 79 p.m.Calendar Icon

TimeNovember 2, 2015 at 79 p.m.

The Power of Music in Religious and Spiritual Life and for Human Health and Well-being: Wisdom from Musicians, Religious Thinkers, and Psychologists

Music has been central to cultures and faith traditions across centuries and around the world, and today a number of scientists are studying the potential benefits of music for health, well-being, and community life. This series explores the power of music by bringing together musicians, psychologists, and religious thinkers who address a number of central questions.

October 12 (Monday): "The Power of Music in Christian Faith and Life: Biblical, Theological, and Contemporary Sources eJay Beech and Chad Winterfeldt

October 19 (Monday): "The Beauty, Benefits, and Spiritual Dimensions of Music: Testimonies from Composers, Conductors, and Singers eGregory Aune and Julie Aune

October 26 (Monday): "The Role of Music in Human Development, Health, and Wellbeing: Exploring and Evaluating Recent Scientific Findings e Mark Kruger and Patricia Reeder

November 2 (Monday): "Music as a Bridge to Intercultural and Interfaith Understanding and Cooperation: Exploring Judaism, Hinduism, and the Music of South Asia and Judeo-Spain eDavid Jordon Harris and Nirmala Rajasekar

November 8 (Sunday night): "Song of Wonder. eFree concert, 7:30 p.m., Bj??rling Recital Hall. Featuring musical traditions from South Asia and Judeo-Spain (including Hindu and Jewish Sacred Music)?. Directed and Performed by David Jordon Harris and Nirmala Rajasekar.

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