Employee Enhancement Days! Understanding Your Own IdentitiesFebruary 6, 2020 at noon to 12:45 p.m.

TimeFebruary 6, 2020 at noon to 12:45 p.m.

As faculty, administrators, and professional staff members at the college, we function in two realms:  our professional roles and as human beings with personal lives, identities, and experiences. In our line of work, these two realms often overlap.  We are charged with serving students and our specific job role at the college. In these two realms, we are also educators who can help students reflect on, interpret, and understand their college experiences.  We especially want to assist students in interpreting and understanding their multicultural experiences. In order to do this, it can help us to set aside our “professional” status and allow ourselves to reflect on our own identities in order to educate ourselves and others about experiences we’ve had that have helped to shape us in our multicultural exploration.  This session will allow participants to begin to explore and name their own identities and experiences, and share with others. Led by Anthony Bettendorf 

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PostedJan 10, 2020