Dr. King's Dream by Mixed Blood Theatre

January 21, 2013 at 78:30 p.m.Calendar Icon

TimeJanuary 21, 2013 at 78:30 p.m.
LocationAlumni Hall

Minneapolis' Mixed Blood Theatre's Dr. King's Dream celebrates the life and career of Dr. Martin Luther King in this acclaimed production drawn from his own letters, sermons, books and speeches, including the timeless "I Have A Dream e Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led American society through some of its most profound changes with passion, devotion, and courage. This powerful biography illuminates why he is recognized as one of the greatest leaders and orators in American History. And why he is honored with a national holiday each January.

Marvin Grays, who has toured for Mixed Blood as Dr. King for well over a decade, provides a commanding solo performance that is stirring and poignant.

Dr. King's Dream is one of four culturally-specific productions toured annually by Mixed Blood Theatre, a Minneapolis-based multicultural theatre company founded in 1976. The others includeAccording To Coyote, a collection of American Indian legends and stories; Daughters of Africa, a music-driven history of African American women and Hijab Tube, about elements of Islamic culture in 21st Century America.

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